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Learn to Play or Expand Your Abilities!

I teach guitar, composition, music theory and recording in Greensboro, North Carolina. I’ve been teaching for over 10 years and I believe I offer the best guitar instruction in Greensboro. I teach out of my comfortable home studio, where my students can record their own music. I also offer online lessons to students in any location.

My goal is a teacher is to help to bring music into your life by giving you the skills you need to play the music you love, record your music, and write your own. Do you want to become a more creative improvisor? Are you looking to pick up the basics? Write your own songs? I’ll help you progress on the guitar so that playing is exciting and music is a source of joy when you pick up the instrument!


I teach basic skills necessary for all styles of music, as well as theory, ear-training, and reading depending on your needs. Play songs, read music, perform!

Intermediate Players:

Know the basics and looking to start soloing, improve your reading, or become a more confident and skilled performer? Let’s get you beyond the basics and help you learn how to improve on your own.

Advanced Players:

I draw on my own professional experience as a player, composer, bandleader, and improvisor to help experienced players improve their sound and technique. Deepen your grasp of theory, increase fretboard mastery, and develop a vocabulary specific to the styles of music that interest you.